people like you

people like you say it's all fine
when they're drawing the lines
they make you believe to let go
while you burn and blow
standing here wondering if i were wrong
through it all, you did it all along
i died with that gut wrenching pain
hoping i didn't hurt you in my vain

people like you make it feel easy
as if tearing us apart was breezy
they make you question your need
while you hate and bleed
standing here wondering if it was ever true
like a child i am left in this blue
i die with that self- deprecating thought
i shouldn't have untied that knot

people like you lock me out
as if i intruded and marched about
they make you question your choices
while your eleven year old self voices
standing here wondering why i opened those doors
as if i called for these eros and agape to wars
i die when you question why not again?
babe, how could i ever let myself feel that pain?

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