Data Protection and Cybersecurity

My interest in the intersection of technology law originated from an understanding of stalking, phishing, and cyberattacks, both on individuals and organizations, specifically infrastructure and government-based ones. However, the more I delved into the area, the more I felt attached and passionate about it. Presently, I am an ardent researcher on the following subjects:

  • Information Technology
  • Privacy
  • Encryption
  • Cybersecurity
  • Cryptography (Along with Cryptocurrency)
  • Payment System Operators
  • Payment System Aggregators
  • Geospatial Regulations
  • SEZ (Special Economic Zone) Act
  • Freedom of Speech & Expression (Along with Digital Rights in the Constitution)
  • Sedition Laws
  • Social Media
  • Flagging on Social Media
  • Browsewrap Agreements
  • Click Wrap Agreements
  • Consumer Protection
  • E-commerce Agreements
  • Infringement of Trademark
  • Infringement of Copyright
  • E-waste management Rules
  • Service Transparency Partnership and Investment: Services

Niti Manthan Report:

  1. Regulations on Online Gambling in India     

Published Articles/ Op- Ed:

  1. Government’s Demand for traceability vis-a-vis WhatsApp’s Encryption: Could they co-exist?
  2. Data Advantage and Abuse of Dominance: Why does the CCI need to Intervene in The WhatsApp Privacy Policy Case? (Taxmann Publication)
  3. Cybersecurity in India: From attacks on Infrastructure to Pant’s Rules