it is about me

  1. A tour of five cities of Europe- Amsterdam, Berlin, Prague, Paris, and Buenos Aires
  2. Go on a motorbike tour.
  3. A silent vacation on a beach.
  4. Foreign Trip with University Friends (For all the Weiners)
  5. Publish my own book. (Anthologies or Contributions not considered)
  6. Publish my poetry.
  7. Visit a chocolate factory.
  8. Skydiving.
  9. Open a blog page. (I mean, duh?)
  10. Write one revolutionary research paper.
  11. Climb a mountain with a group of strangers.
  12. Learn how to play the violin.
  13. Fly in a hot air balloon over the Loire Valley.
  14. Witness the Northern Lights.
  15. Get me a beautiful summer retreat in the countryside.
  16. A solo trip to Leh, Ladakh.
  17. To meet the Queen, Lana del Rey ❤️
  18. To compose a song, then get it recorded. (Not my voice, obviously)
  19. To spend a birthday with loved ones. Also, I need chicken Biryani and sprite. Also, let that be a breezy night.
  20. Get me a Polaroid.
  21. Draw a world map on my room’s wall.
  22. A silent walk on Bali’s Beach
  23. Apologize to someone.
  24. Go bungee jumping.
  25. Be in the Saturday Night Live audience.
  26. Attend a book reading.
  27. Ride a mechanical bull.
  28. Visit all the seven Wonders of the World. (I need to visit the Taj Mahal, again; couldn’t get good pictures)
  29. Go on a week-long cruise, through Istanbul, Turkey, and Wales.
  30. Fully fund a charitable event. (PS- You know I have this theory that no dollar ever upsets me, like humans tend to do; and if I am giving away such dollars, it is a big deal!)
  31. Write my will. (Yes, that)
  32. Swim under a waterfall. And then, go skinny dipping.
  33. Take a month-long vacation.
  34. Go vegan for one month.
  35. Go vegetarian for one month.
  36. Go sugarless for one month (that’s a tough one!)
  37. Pay off someone else’s debt. (Again, it’s about the money!)
  38. Become fluent in a new language. (mostly, Welsh or Urdu, I don’t know.)
  39. Learn how to code.
  40. Wake up to see the sunrise every day for a week.
  41. Try an extreme sport.
  42. Attend the Olympics.
  43. Write a love letter. (I tried once. I was rejected. I’ll try again, maybe?)
  44. Conquer a lifelong fear. (that is, learning how to swim)
  45. Go on an international trip with my best friend.
  46. Sing Karaoke.
  47. Learn how to tap dance. (Yes, I am inspired by: A Lovely Night: La La Land)
  48. Forcing someone to lift me like in Dirty Dancing’s Time of My Life. (This seems impossible, now!)
  49. Go on a Road Trip.
  50. Be Part of a Flash mob. (Yes, I love Glee!)
  51. Go scuba diving/snorkeling.
  52. Go skiing, again.
  53. Learn how to use chopsticks.
  54. Watch all of Hrithik Roshan’s movies.
  55. Perform a sultry dance in front of an audience.
  56. Participate in a Dandiya Dance.
  57. ….