binding truth

my mind is replaying what the heart cannot delete
and now I despise myself for those memories, that concrete
I always knew he had deep eyes, 
guess I really lost myself in those glees.
velveteen touch, my spine shivered 
as it drove me to the dreams I coloured
was always the armoured, preventing the harm 
you made me shed my layers, like a charm.
I miss that version of me, now, who was a hopeless romantic
who thought the right person would meet me mid-Atlantic
I trusted you to be "the one"
But you made me hate everyone
Choked me till I questioned who I was, what I stand
And then left me, with the remains of my shand
Never did I stood up for my plight
I shut off the people who you despised
I convinced myself that I didn't change
While I was begging you to mend the strain
Why didn't I know, that, that was strange?
But, now...all that binds us now is how we fooled me again
Throwed me down the drain
This, the binding truth we carry is how you were never mine
While I cried at 3 AM., trying to erase the line.

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