please, explain

The flowers, the red, the thunder & the pain
who the fuck said that it would be fun drowning in the rain
from the platonic desire to the self-emptying drain
this social shit has got me in its chain
I can't feel the blood in these veins
god, I hope I come out of this sane

was it the Plato or Aristotle or the greekonean reign
or were all french wasted in their champagne
because the ideality of eros and agape isn't for the brain
so, I beg you to focus on those games of gain
and don't tell us that it's all that we have to attain

were it the Chinese's Confucianism who asserted
that the feeling of forever is humanity's disdain
and weren't those the ones who held the flag to abstain
then who the fuck decided to follow their domain

we have built a generation that is ready to take it all again
they believe that hurting breaks the mundane
so they travel back and forth to Lorraine
to find that fellow who gives that feeling of profane

so they take it all in and frame their bloodstain
for it shows the antiquity and foreverness in their skein
but they don't realise that it was a slain
performed on them as their conditioned to follow the love's vane
they are tied to this construct by a rein 
to kneel as the lover commands is what is engrained

we need to bring these philosophical masters to an arraign
as they killed all of us in this cocaine
they said love is all that sustains
then why did my Lover push me under this train
they tell us that this red will take away life's "plain."
but then they didn't warn me that it would leave me insane

I need someone to tell me how it happened that I was left in this bane, 
Or did I turn against myself and become my villain?
Did I lose to the mighty flames,
Or did my Lover turn into Cain?

Someone, please, explain!


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